Mamma Roma Covid-19 REGULATIONS

  • 1. Due to Covid-19, our seating arrangements have changed in order to comply with social distancing guidelines. In consequence, availability has been reduced. We therefore strongly encourage customers to book a table in advance and contact us as soon as possible if you wish to cancel your booking.
  • 2. All staff members have attended a meeting explaining the new safety regulations present in the workplace. They are therefore, up-to-date with safety measures which will be adhered to. Servers and floor staff will also be wearing face-masks.
  • 3. Tables and chairs are sanitised after every customer. Surfaces are also frequently sanitised.
  • 4. Cutlery and napkins will not be on tables anymore. Customers will be issued these after food orders are taken. Menus will also be issued once seated, and sanitised after every use.
  • 5. Salt and Pepper will also not be on tables. If you would like some some, please ask your server.
  • 6. Toilet access is restricted to one person at a time. Toilets are also cleaned every two hours with chlorine disinfectant, so there may be a strong smell of it present in the toilets.
  • 7. Please arrive at the exact time your booking is at rather than early. If you will be early please warn us in advance as your table might still be occupied and we need time to disinfect it properly after every use.
  • 8. Several sanitising stations are present around the dining area that we strongly encourage and welcome you to use.
  • 9. When taking your booking, the standard procedure of asking for your name and contact number will be followed to ensure all contact details are obtained. Walk-ins will have to provide their name and contact number upon arrival.

Thank you for your patience during this time. Your safety and our safety has been and always will be our priority.

Phone: 0131 558 1628

4/7 Antigua Street, Edinburgh, Eh1 3NH

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